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Prompt Tooth Abscess & Infection Solutions

If you have an abscess in your mouth, it puts more than your oral welfare at risk. A tooth abscess and infection can spread to surrounding teeth and tissues, causing significant pain and damage and requiring expensive dental treatment to resolve. A boil on your gums may not stay isolated to your mouth. The infection can also spread to other areas in your body and put your overall health and life in jeopardy. Connell Family Dentistry ‘s New Orleans and Gretna, LA offices provide patients with emergency dentistry and schedule care as soon as possible. We take infections seriously and act quickly to resolve this dental problem conclusively, whether you have a periapical abscess in your gum or the infection causes pain refusing to subside. Our expertise and years of practice treating abscesses, pericoronitis, and infections ensure you’re in good hands whenever you reach out to us for professional care.

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What Can Cause an Abscessed Tooth

Connell Family Dentistry can typically trace an abscess back to dead tooth pulp caused by tooth decay or trauma. Bacteria have a chance to spread through the tooth’s root and develop into a pocket of pus. If bacteria grow in the space between your gums and teeth, it can also lead to an abscess or gum boil. The bacteria growth results in an infection that might spread to your jawbone, causing it to deteriorate and create room for pus. As your jawbone tissue deteriorates, your tooth can become loose, leading to possible tooth loss if you don’t receive emergency dental care to resolve the abscess and infection.

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Symptoms Indicating You Have an Abscess

When you develop a tooth abscess or pericoronitis, you might experience one or more of several symptoms indicating you have an infection and need immediate dental treatment. Not all patients will have the same symptoms, so you should pay attention if you notice any signs of a dental issue. Our dental staff can explain what to look out for that might warn you of an infection, and we’ve listed some of the most common symptoms to keep you aware of:

  • Intense and Persistent Tooth Pain
  • Red or Swollen Gums
  • A Salty or Unpleasant Taste in Your Mouth
  • Swelling Around Your Face or Jaw
  • Generalized Lethargy or a Generally Unwell Feeling
  • A Feeling of Unexplained Pressure in an Affected Tooth’s Vicinity
  • Fever

Dental Relief at Connell Family Dentistry

Connell Family Dentistry ‘s highly trained dentists and staff can determine which treatment option will resolve your periapical abscess and infection. Treatment options include root canals, draining the abscess, using antibiotics, and extracting a tooth or foreign object. We can relieve your pain and restore your oral and overall health and comfort.

Let Connell Family Dentistry Take Care of Your Smile