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High-Quality, Affordable Dentures Near You

Patients with lost or missing teeth can get partial and full dentures in New Orleans and Gretna, LA at Connell Family Dentistry’s office locations. Dentures are false teeth we use to replace your missing natural teeth, and we custom-made them to fit your mouth comfortably while letting you chew, speak, and smile with confidence. We use partial dentures for patients with a few missing teeth and full dentures for patients who need to replace an entire row. Dentures offer other benefits, such as restoring a person’s lower face’s volume and giving them a more youthful appearance. Dentures’ costs vary by a patients’ extent of treatment, but dental insurance providers may cover part of the cost in some cases.

senior couple smiling on a walk

Full Dentures to Replace All Your Teeth

At Connell Family Dentistry, our selection of denture services includes various affordable options to suit each patient’s unique tooth loss issues such as:

  • Conventional Dentures: These fully removable dentures go in your mouth after removing all your teeth. Suction contact and denture adhesives hold them in place.
  • Immediate Dentures: We place these full dentures in your mouth on the same day and immediately after removing your natural teeth.
  • Overdentures: An overdenture is a dental prosthesis covering and resting on one or more of your remaining teeth. They may also rest on your teeth’ roots or implants.
  • Denture Implants: We place multiple bio-compatible implants into your jawbone to hold your dentures in place after they heal. This option is suitable for full dentures and lasts for many years when you take care of them properly.

Filling in Gaps With Partial Dentures

If you still have some or most of your natural teeth but need a replacement option for a gap in your smile, Connell Family Dentistry offers removable partial dentures. These restorative artificial teeth fill in the gap left by one or more missing teeth and attach to the adjacent teeth for stability. Partial dentures also keep your surrounding natural teeth from shifting out of place. Our dental offices proudly offer affordable dentures to restore your smile.

Let Connell Family Dentistry Take Care of Your Smile