Teeth Whitening in Louisiana

Louisiana Teeth Whitening – Connell Family Dentistry

The treatments offered at our office include bleaching trays and Zoom Whitening. Both of these are extremely effective in brightening our Louisiana patients’ smiles. Patients love the results they experience from bleaching and Zoom Whitening because they are instant and long lasting.

Over time, teeth can become discolored from soda, coffee, red wine, smoking and other factors. This can affect the overall appearance of your smile by making it appear old, unhealthy or unclean. Connell Family Dentistry offers its Louisiana patients the option to brighten and whiten their smile with teeth whitening treatments.

Serving Teeth Whitening Patients in Harvey, Belle-Chasse and Marrero, Louisiana

Our whitening treatments allow Louisiana patients to achieve their dream smile with little effort. Bleaching trays and Zoom Whitening both allow you to maintain your whiter smile with take-home kits. This saves patients time and money of having to make an unnecessary trip to the dentist.

The teeth whitening options offered at Connell Family Dentistry to Louisiana patients have completely transformed smiles from dull to beautiful and brilliant. Our staff is highly experienced in quickly and effectively helping patients achieve the bright, white smiles they have dreamed about.

Connell Family Dentistry has helped thousands of Louisiana patients bring back the brilliancy to their smiles with our teeth whitening treatments, becoming one of the most trusted dentist offices around.

Am I A Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening in Louisiana?

Our patients in the Harvey, Belle-Chasse and Marrero area have chosen teeth whitening after feeling embarrassed by their discolored teeth. They no longer wanted to hide their smile or waste time and money doing at-home whitening kits that were ineffective.

Here are some of the incredible before and after photos of our Louisiana patients, and you can truly notice the whiter, brighter smile our patients see with bleaching and Zoom Whitening.

Connell Family Dentistry consistently amazes its patients with the transformations they perform with smiles. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of skill and care and are eager to work with you to help achieve all your dental goals.

Dr. Brian Connell

Written by Connell Dental Care January 16, 2014