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Louisiana Orthodontics – Connell Family Dentistry

Providing Orthodontics for Patients in Harvey, Belle-Chasse and Marrero, Louisiana

There have been numerous advancements in technology over the years, and now Louisiana patients have the opportunity to correct their crooked, uneven teeth without embarrassing, metal braces. Connell Family Dentistry offers its patients alternative solutions so that they can have the straight teeth they deserve.

With Invisalign® and Clear Correct, patients can achieve straight teeth in a less painful way than traditional braces. Invisalign® and Clear Correct slowly shift teeth using clear aligners to ensure that they do not get in the way of everyday life. Louisiana patients love the dazzling results they see after the use of these clear aligners.

Many people feel ashamed by their crooked teeth; however, they do not want to have painful and embarrassing braces getting in the way of their everyday life. For these Louisiana patients, Connell Family Dentistry offers two incredible offers: Invisalign® and Clear Correct Braces. Both of these shift your teeth until you achieve perfectly straight teeth.

Take a moment to look at the before and after photos of our Louisiana patients who chose Clear Correct Braces and Invisalign® to straighten their crooked teeth.

Our Louisiana patients adore the results they see from our orthodontic services. Straight teeth used to be an embarrassing, painful journey, and now there is a simple option with Clear Correct Braces and Invisalign®. Both of these shift your teeth slowly with little discomfort to give you the straight, brilliant smile you deserve.

Am I A Good Candidate for Clear Correct Braces or Invisalign® in Louisiana?

Patients in Harvey, Belle-Chasse and Marrero, Louisiana have turned to Connell Family Dentistry for all of their orthodontic needs because they love the innovative care that they receive here. If you are looking to fix crooked, uneven teeth that are causing you embarrassment, then you may be the perfect candidate for Invisalign® or Clear Correct Braces. Call our office today to schedule a consultation to be on your way to straight teeth in an efficient, painless way.

Connell Family Dentistry consistently amazes its patients with the transformations they perform with smiles. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of skill and care and are eager to work with you to help achieve all your dental goals.

Connell Family Dentistry has thousands of loyal patients in the Louisiana area because of their outstanding service and care in orthodontics.

Dr. Brian Connell

Written by Connell Dental Care January 15, 2014