Mini Dental Implants in New Orleans and Gretna, LA

Connell Family Dentistry provides mini dental implants for patients in New Orleans, Metairie, Gretna and Harvey, Louisiana.

Mini Dental Implants in New Orleans and Gretna, LAWhat are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are just like regular dental implants except they are a bit smaller. They are typically used to fit narrow locations where a larger implant may not always fit, as well as to replace missing or broken teeth, since a full set of teeth is a necessary requirement for maintaining good oral health.

Other differences to consider between regular dental implants and mini implants are that they do not contain screws, they do not require grafting, and they cost significantly less.

When are Mini Dental Implants Used?

Mini dental implants have been built for a variety of uses. Mini dental implants are generally used to replace the smallest teeth in the mouth, such as the incisors. They can even be used to exclusively supplant a patient’s two front teeth or pre-molars, if necessary.

Not only can mini dental implants effectively replace these smaller teeth, but they are also designed to work well in conjunction with lower jaw dentures and other devices that require stabilization. They are essential for holding the dentures into position and keeping them firmly secure, so patients can speak, eat, and even smile, with ease and assurance. Using mini dental implants in conjunction with dentures ensures that they are much less likely to slip out of place, making them a sensible alternative to over-the-counter adhesives.

Mini Dental Implants in New Orleans and Gretna, LAHow Many Mini Implants are Needed to Support a Denture?

Most of the time, a minimum of four mini dental implants are needed to keep lower dentures in place, while approximately six mini implants should work to secure the upper dentures. If a patient has a larger jaw bone, more implants may be required to get the job done. Conversely, if he or she wears only partial dentures, a mini implant should only be placed in a space where a tooth is missing. In this case, they are able to snap into the part of the partial denture used to replace any missing teeth.

Regardless of the amount of mini implants needed, denture wearers have unanimously reported that they gain tremendous benefits from the snug fit that they achieve with the mini implants.

Mini Dental Implants for Loose Dentures or Partials

Mini dental implants that are used to anchor dentures do not require a screw hole to attach other components. These specific mini implants are referred to as single piece implants. These implants feature a minor, round portion that protrudes from the gums and snaps into the female socket inside the partial dentures. This bond secures the dentures and prevents the common movement and popping issues commonly referred to by patients. And, while the dentures remain housed on the gums, the implant works to prevent any clicking or slipping.

Mini Dental Implants Procedure

Mini implants offer the advantage of being much simpler and quicker to place than regular-sized dental implants. It usually takes only one office visit to complete the procedure and many patients opt for a local anesthetic during the surgery.

The mini implants are set into the bone, where there are no sensory nerves to disturb. Fortunately, this means a quick recovery turnaround and minimal post-procedure discomfort. As a precaution, most dentists give patients antibiotics before and after surgery to prevent any incidence of infection that the implants may cause while the bone heals around each of them.

How Big Are Mini Dental Implants?

At approximately the diameter of an average toothpick, mini dental implants are just about half the size of traditional dental implants. Because of their demure size, they are especially advantageous for patients that have experienced significant bone loss over the course of many years due to missing teeth. Without a strong bone to support typically-sized implants, the procedure is not usually considered a go-to option to remedy tooth loss. However, mini dental implants tend to fit quite nicely regardless of the size and structure of a patient’s underlying bone and have been used on many patients with great success.

How Much Do Mini Dental Implants Cost in New Orleans, Gretna or the Surrounding Louisiana Area?

Mini dental implants vary in cost based on what is needed to replace and enhance your smile. Connell Family Dentistry recommends that you check with your insurance company to see if mini dental implants are covered under your plan. Call our Gretna or New Orleans office today to schedule an appointment with us and be on your way to a flawless smile. We work with CareCredit® for your financing needs.

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