Family Dentistry in Belle Chasse, LA

Connell Family Dentistry provides family dentistry procedures to residents of many Louisiana communities, including Belle Chasse, LA.

Family dentistry is similar to general dentistry, but family dentists focus on managing the oral and dental health of patients of all ages. Most family dentists have a great deal of experience with young children and can supervise the health and growth of both baby teeth and permanent teeth. Family dentists can also meet the needs of elderly patients, including those with dentures.

Types of Family Dentistry Procedures

Family dentistry procedures include both cosmetic procedures and general dentistry procedures. General dentistry involves maintaining the health of the teeth and mouth through root canals, crowns, and other techniques. Cosmetic dentistry refers to aesthetic procedures such as teeth bleaching, dental bonding, and veneers.

About Connell Family Dentistry

If you live in Belle Chasse, LA, and are in need of family dentistry procedures, Connell Family Dentistry is here to help. Connell has locations in Uptown New Orleans and Gretna, and you can schedule a free consultation at either location by phone or on the Web. Dr. Brian D. Connell and his qualified staff work hard to make sure that patients are happy both during and after their procedures.

Dr. Brian Connell

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