Dental Crowns in New Orleans and Gretna, LA

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Connell Family Dentistry provides crowns for patients in New Orleans, Metairie, Gretna and Harvey, Louisiana.

Crowns are a great way to repair your teeth’s functionality or appearance. Whether you are suffering from chipped, discolored, or weak teeth, the placement of a crown can help achieve a better shape, color, or size of the tooth for your smile. Enhancing your smile helps enhance the way you feel about yourself and lets you show the world a brilliant smile. Connell Family Dentistry has served many patients in New Orleans and Gretna by helping them achieve a dazzling smile with crowns.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that can be placed over damaged, discolored teeth. The cap only covers the part of the tooth that is entirely visible. New Orleans and Gretna patients love the way this enhances the color, size, shape, and strength of their tooth to restore the brilliance to their smile.

Am I a Good Candidate for Crowns?

Dr. Connell commonly recommends crowns to patients who are suffering with a largely decayed or cracked tooth. In addition, crowns are the final step in a root canal to give teeth the support and structure they need. Crowns can even be used for cosmetic purposes if you are looking to fix a discolored tooth or a gap between teeth.

How Much does a Crown Cost in New Orleans, Gretna or the Surrounding Louisiana Area?

The cost of a crown can be assessed at your initial consultation with Connell Family Dentistry. Dr. Connell recommends that you check with your insurance company to see if this procedure can be covered by your plan. Call us today for any questions you may have about crowns or to schedule your consultation at our New Orleans or Gretna office. We work with CareCredit® for your financing needs.

This is a very common dental procedure that Dr. Connell is extremely skilled and experienced in performing. Our Gretna and New Orleans patients love the way a simple placement of a crown can enhance their smile and remind them why they love to show it. Take a look at the dramatic differences our patients have seen with crowns.


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